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El Detective Ivn y el Secreto de No

El Detective Ivn y el Secreto de No

An action-adventure story that builds faith and has fun

Ivan could not believe that his best friend, Beto, told him that Noah’s flood never happened. Bible stories are just fairytales according to him! Could it be possible that Beto was right?

When Ivan’s father travels to Utah for special courses on the great Flood, "Ivan the detective" is born. With his notebook and explorer’s hat, Ivan and his family begin an unforgettable trip filled with surprises--caves with incredible rock formations, old river paths with dinosaur’s footprints, and enormous mountains in which they find marine fossils.

El Detective Ivan y el Secreto de Noe (Ivan the Detective and Noah’s Secret) is an action story which reaffirms children’s faith in the Bible.

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