Privacy policy

Personal Information Collected on the Website:

No personal information collected on this web site will be shared with any other company or organization. We may contact you via e-mail with announcements about new books or scheduled appearances. If you do not wish to receive such announcements, simply inform us of that in any comment, posting, or e-mail message sent to Jerry D. Thomas or this web site.

Children's Privacy Statement

The only personal identifying information collected from children on the "kids' mode" of this web site is in the form of e-mail messages (i.e. names and email addresses) sent by children to Jerry D. Thomas. No other personal information is solicited or collected. Response to such e-mails are on a one-time basis and then the e-mail address and content of the messages are deleted. Any personal identification information (i.e. email address, full name or last of child) received from any child through e-mail to Jerry D. Thomas is never shared with any third party.

Children may leave comments about books or the weblog on this web site, but the form does not allow them to leave personal identification information. If any personal information is included in a comment by a child, it will be deleted before that comment is posted to the site. Children are invited to have their parents sign up to receive ongoing information about new books or scheduled appearances.

Any questions regarding this privacy policy should be directed to