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Conversations With Jesus

Conversations With Jesus

This book had its origins in my study of the Ellen White classic, The Desire of Ages. As I worked through its pages, attempting to simplify its language and structure into the adaptation Messiah, I saw the stories of Jesus come to life before my eyes.

I discovered that those stories revolve around real people, people who struggled with the same issues we struggle with today. The Jesus I found in those pages is so appealing, so fascinating, that I can’t seem to write or preach about anything else.

Conversations with Jesus digs deeply into that story again. Too many of our favorite verses from the stories of Jesus are thrown around as if we were quoting from Jesus’ Greatest Sermons. Too many times we repeat the words as if Jesus was addressing a great crowd or lecturing a vast audience.

In many cases, those words are part of a conversation, a personal interaction with a real person, a person much like you or me. Even when he is speaking to his disciples, Jesus was often talking with them, not lecturing at them.

Sit down and join this conversation with Jesus. Put yourself in the shoes of people who shout at him, who whisper to him, who ask questions and demand answers. Walk along in their sandals, listen to their voices, and feel the power of the stories of Jesus.

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