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The Shoebox Kids 07 - The Clue in the Secret Passage

The Shoebox Kids 07 - The Clue in the Secret Passage

#7 in the Shoebox Kids Series

DeeDee just knew that she and Jenny were going to have a great time exploring her grandmother's spooky old house. "This place is full of old rooms and secrets!" she told her friend.

But the old house had more secrets than the girls ever imagined. "This used to be a boarding house," DeeDee's mother told them. "That's why the Mystery of Captain Morgan happened here, not somewhere else."

What happened to the old river pirate? Was there really a secret passage in the old house?

In this Shoebox Kids Mystery, DeeDee and Jenny learn about the Bible* why it's important and what it does for us. As they uncover an old story, they begin to see the power of God's weapon.

With the help of Grandmother's old diary, the girls search for family treasure and clues about Captain Morgan. Can they solve a mystery that's been around for almost a hundred years?

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I like your book I did this book as my book report this quarter. My friends like to read your book sooo much!!!! (especially the shoe box kids) when will the next episode will come?

my name is leon I am in grade 6 my age 11 going to 12 my email is leon_ nachon@yahoo.com . school BAIS. our grade 6 are your fan!!. You can't see me around in America cause I am in Thailand in Asia wish Youcame to Thailand and visit Chiengrai altho I am in Bangkok but Chiengrai is more beautiful.

Posted May 04, 2008 | 5:48 AM by Leon

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